Hero zero championship photo.

Champions League,or simply Championship,is a new feature of Hero Zero added in 2015.In Champions League,there are 4 categories:


Silver:1-2 points

Gold:3-4 points


Each category is divided at 3 subcategories,I,II and III except Champion.You can fight until 20 times a day,and you need to wait 1 hour to your adrenaline refill to 20 fight again (45 minutes with 25% booster and 1 minutes with 50% booster).Championship also grow your total skills and depending your championship subcategory that you are,the skills growing is 3 to 30% and the rewards of championship battles reach until 280% from normal.Also,3 randomly-selected rivals are available to you to fight.You can get a new offer for free and the others cost 2 donuts.To skip waiting time to fight,you must spend 4 donuts.Here's a screenshot of Champions League.Please note the screenshot is in Greek.