Fights are an improtant part of Hero Zero because you can earn honor, coins and sometimes even donuts from them. They are also used for the Fighting Missions. In fights, skills determine what the outcome of the fight is. The higher your skills than your opponent's, the higher the possibilities of winning!


A Fight Mission with a fight in


In duels, your opponent is not selected by level, skills, power or coins... it is selected by Honor. If you verse an opponent with high honor, you get more honor and maybe even a chance of donuts if you beat them. If you were to lose, some of your honor would be deducted from you, however you would get some coins from it (depending on your hero level). The highest honor you can get is +217 (because of team boosters, added in 29-3-2016), and smallest is -150. Also, team boosters give more honor and coins than usual. For example, someone who gives you +100 honor will give you about +115 honor. It depends from what team booster your team use, +10% and +20%.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • The higher your skills, the more chance you have of winning a fight.
  • Select your opponent on the duels page wisely, you don't want to lose a lot of honor or earn very little honor.
  • Don't fight someone that has better skills than you and/or better gear.
  • If you want to gain honor quickly you're better off searching in the ranking list for a low-skill high-honored hero.