Special Missions are missions of Hero Zero, whose opponents have better skills than the normal missions' opponents. In Hero Zero there are 8 Special Missions where:

  1. the first can be unlocked at level 15,
  2. the second at level 30,
  3. the third at level 45,
  4. the fourth at level 60,
  5. the fifth at level 75,
  6. the sixth at level 90,
  7. the seventh at level 105 and
  8. the eighth at level 120.

In all Special Missions there are 10 opponents, and if the player loses he needs to wait 1 hour to attack again, time which can be bought for only 2 donuts. There is no reward for a loss. When the player beats all the opponents of a Special Mission, he unlocks the Special Mode of the Special Mission he completed. In special mode, there are more difficult opponents but bigger rewards. Special Missions may also give away missiles as reward by winning a fight. In Special Missions the opponents are getting more difficult each time.

When the Special Mode is completed too, the player has to wait 5 days until he can do this specific Special Mission again. This time, the opponents' strength is not preset by the system, but it's adjusted to the player's strength.